About Me

My name is Noah , I am currently a 19-year-old that lives in Florida. I have had an interest and an extreme curiosity in the stock market and business in general, but I had always been convinced and told by teachers in school that trading/investing was like gambling. I was told that you needed to be ultra rich to be able to trade or invest, which i found to be extremely false. If they are wealthy and if 10% of the wealthiest people in the United States own 85% of all of the stocks then i needed to learn about stocks, investing, and finance. During my summer break that year i spend hundreds of hours reading and watching videos about stocks, forex, commodities, and finance in general. 

After hours and hours of watching videos, reading articles online, and reading books I began to understand. I began to understand how the market and the people involved in the market think, I began to understand why markets moved the way they did. Most of all I noticed it is NOT AT ALL like gambling! I learned things, but i understood that things could be simplified for everyone, even teenagers, to understand. 

How I Began Trading

I began trading/investing that summer as i continued my search for answers with the curiosity and drive that i had. I ran into Timothy Sykes’ video one YouTube and thought “wow this is easy!”. Of course that was a large mistake, but i used it as a valuable lesson.  I began watching videos and getting on the stocks app on my phone and i became ADDICTED! I would spend 10-14 hours a day watching videos and studying everything that i could find on: YouTube, CNBC, Bloomberg or ANYTHING i could get my hands on that would help me understand what WHY the markets did what they did and HOW i could understand it as easy as possible!

Why I Began Trading

I first wanted to get into trading because i felt that it would give me the ability to make money whilst in high school. I love the idea of the “game” aspect that the markets contained. You never knew what exactly was going to happen, but you could get the best understanding by looking back in time at historical data and formulate a strategic plan to be able to achieve success in the markets. 

Why I Built A Teen Trader

The Reason that i built out A Teen Trader as a fully free educational site including free videos, posts, and forums is to allow those like myself who are not willing to spend thousands of dollars on education to be able to have a reliable place to learn. My goal was to create a free, friendly, and easily understandable learning environment for members of all ages to learn different investment and trading. I have integrated a podcast into my website which allows traders to be able to get my understanding of fundamentals that impact the markets AND i get to help out local charities with a portion of the proceeds. 

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