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What to Watch | Week of December 13

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This week we are set to see just a few scheduled economic events as last week was the much more event-filled week. We are set to see inflation (USD & CNY), rate decisions (USD, EUR, CHF) and retail sales (USD). Along with that, we are expecting to get news on a phase one trade deal with China before next Sunday (the 15th), so keep an eye out for that.

United States Dollar

Dec. 11 @ 8:30-Inflation YoY (Nov) | 2.0% Expected

Dec. 11 @ 14:00-Rate Decision | 1.75% Expected (No Change)

Dec. 13 @ 8:30-Retail Sales MoM (Nov) | .4% Expected

United Kingdom

Dec. 11-U.K. General Election

Chinese Yuan

Dec. 9 @ 20:30-Inflation YoY (Nov) | 4.4% Expected

European Union Euro

Dec. 10 @ 5:00-Eurozone Economic Sentiment

Dec. 10 @ 5:00-Germany Economic Sentiment | 0 Expected

Dec. 12 @ 7:45-ECB Deposit Rate | -.50% Expected (No Change)

Dec. 12 @ 7:45-ECB Rate Decision | 0% Expected (No Change)

Swiss Franc

Dec. 12 @ 3:30-SNB Deposit Interest Rate | -.75% Expected (No Change)