BitNOPE- Why Bitcoin is NOT the Future



This is not investment advice for Crypto, this is purely speculation. Enter at your own risk and risk what you can lose.

Bitcoin is obviously one of the worlds most trending topic, “investment” and such. But its being hyped why? Why Bitcoin WILL NOT take over 
  • Its market cap is at 200b (world money circulation is around 60+ TRILLION)
  • Transfer time cane take anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour….
  • It costs to much, who wants to buy a hamburger with .0000001 btc lolllll
  • It is has a low supply. There are a fixed number of 20m bitcoins in the world. Which means they can not be created nor destroyed. and to match the USD alone the coin would need to be at over 500k a pop.
  • Over 20% (or 4 million of the 20 million) of bitcoin are already lost…. And with no ability to create new ones….
  • Major holders have been laying off the coins for the past 4 days. Its not a coincidence that the Co Founder of  sold off all of his bitcoins to buy other, newer, more advanced cryptos.

The main reason bitcoin is currently crashing is because the big investors see how it is not the future, so they are moving their money out of Bitcoin, causing others to take their money out which makes a massive cycle. We call this the correction phase.

What can we see from bitcoin? By no means am i saying that bitcoin will go to 0$, in fact currently i see it going to 10k at least and then i would not be surprised if it continues up. It is still relevant and the most traded coin, It is the main coin to deposit into exchanges like binance, where you can buy Verge, ripple etc. If you wanna check out binance, here. But for now we will wait until another comes and takes the thrown. The funny thing is there are people why are posting on Instagram “told you bitcoin would crash” as it is at 13k, when they said it would crash since 5k…. lolllll… I only have said in the last 2 weeks it is not longer a logical investment due to its high price, poor exchange rate times, and lack of knowledge people have on it. What could take over bitcoin Currently the crypto i am looking at to take over is Ripple.   Pros about Ripple:
  • Billions of coins
  • Low Price
  • Already in top 4 market cap
  • It has no delayed transaction and has never once had a single error transaction
  • it can be destroyed and created (which means modifications and improvements can be made as time goes on)
  • Will be added to coin base within next month or two (which will cause it to surgeeeee)
  • Could be accepted by amazon and other big sites soon (due to its amazing transaction efficiency)
  • its name is dope
DO NOT take my word for any of this, for i am just a stupid person 🙂 But i personally will be continuing investing in alt coins because i enjoy learning about new things, i like diversification, and i am not afraid to buy some hype and make some bank.




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