Books To Read

Reading is one of the best things to do in life, it allows you to see others perspective on things and incorporate those things into your life. Same goes for trading and investing. There are other people out in the world that are better traders and investors than me so taking a look at how they trade and invest will possibly help your eyes be opened in a different ways. These books will help you better your understanding of the markets and see different perspectives of the markets and ways to make money in general.
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A List of

Forex Books

Naked Forex

This is one of the best books you can read If you are wanting to get into foreign exchange and I have personally read this many times. It helps to show how you do NOT need to use stupid indicators and that crap to be successful in the market and just need to learn zones and other things like that!

Trading in the Zone

This book is GREAT and helped be become a much better trader/investor. The point of this book is to teach you and help you understand the importance of having the proper mentality while trading. If you want to be a successful trader this is a MUST READ!

More Money Than God

This is a great book about the mysterious world of hedge funds. I have read this over and over to help get an understanding of how institutions think about different markets. A big recommendation.

Way of the Turtle

This book depicts an experiment conducted by professional traders to find out if great traders are born or made. This is a great book if you are interested in figuring out how to grow yourself from the ground up.

Trading for a Living

If you want to learn Forex and want to make it a lifelong living then this is the book for you!! This book will help teach you how to trade if you want to do it for the long term!

A List of

Stock Market Books

The Little Book That STILL Beats The Market

This is a great little book that is not a very long read that I have read before and has helped me better understand the real secrets and different strategies that I can use to be a more successful investor in the stock markets.

Rich Dad Poor Dad

This is a great book that I read that is about a guy that has a rich dad and a poor dad and explains how the two think differently and helps you realize how to properly think while trading, investing, or running a business to out think the other people out there!

The Intelligent Investor

This is a great book by the great Benjamin Graham that helps you learn how to value invest.

The Essays of Warren Buffet

Do I even need to say anything about these books? IT'S WARREN BUFFET!! The greatest investor of all time! IF you haven’t read it GO READ IT!

Hedge Hogging

This Book by Barton Biggs a stock hedge fund manager, is a critical read and a book i thoroughly enjoyed. It gives a perspective to how much stress and pain goes into being successful and he takes you along his journey.

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