Candle Confirmations

When it comes down to being a pro trader you must be able to place yourself in the best possible scenario to win every trade. One way to do that is to wait for proper confirmations to take a position. I find/see many people taking trades with NO confirmations, DO NOT DO THIS PLEASE. As this may, here and there, give you a beautiful wick entry, do not do this, it will cost you more than it makes you, especially if you are a beginner.   When i look for candle confirmations, i will usually wait for 1-3 candles to close (in 15m Time Frame) which allows me have a better understanding of what will happen (a market edge).

My favorite 3 Candle Set Ups: 

Bearish/Bullish Engulfing 

Before UJ 15mThis is a Bullish Engulfing candle, what this means is that buying pressure has now taken over the previous selling pressure. When This happens, especially on a support zone like here, we can expect a really nice move to the upside. When i see a set up like this, on a support zone, I enter on the open of the next candle and as it pulls back (to create a wick). NOTE: When there is a 10+ pip bullish engulfing candle, be careful, this can lead to a poor RR ratio. I stay away from those. (unless it is on a red news day, because price moves a lot then)


 This move lead to an All green push of 80 pips in 2 hours, Arrow is where the bullish confirm candle was. I would enter on the next candle.

Bearish Engulfing

Before EJ 15m

This is the opposite from the bullish engulfing (duh), this is a bearish engulfing candle, which means that selling pressure has taken over the previous candles buying pressure.When This happens, especially on a resistance zone like here, we can expect a really nice move to the down side. When i see a set up like this, on a resistance zone, I enter on the open of the next candle. When trading these i place Stop Loss ABOVE the resistance zone and place take profit according (on bullish engulfing and any other candle confirms also).


As you can see this was a very clean and straight to the next zone. This was about 50 pips (yes standards) in 5 15m candles. :0

Bullish Pin Bar

Before EG 15m

This is a bullish bin bar, what this shows is that (when at a support) buyers have taken the control over the sellers WHILE in the same candle, which can more of a momentum switch than a simple rejection candle. And this bullish pin bar is a signal that we will more than likely come back up to the next minor resistance, as usual i will enter directly after this candle or wait for 1 more confirm to be more sure.


As you can see here, the bearish pin bar closed above the support zone and there for we managed to move all the way back up to a minor support (about 20 standards)

Bearish Pin Bar

Before GU 15m

This is a Bearish pin bar, what this shows (if at resistance) is that buyers were in control for most of the time but by the end of the candle, the sellers took over. What this signals is that we will most likely continue down. On this set up depending on the momentum, i will enter directly after this candle or let 1 more candle play out.

AfterAfter, we pushed down to the next support zone which would result in around a 30 pip gain. (notice how the bearish pin bar closed below the resistance zone)

Exhaustion Doji Candles 

Before UJ 15m

Exhaustion Dojis are also a very good thing to look for, as you can see, we are exhausting ABOVE a support zone so what does that mean? We look for a bullish candle(to engulf all of past candles price movement) as a confirmation to take buy. If the next candle goes red and engulfs all price, i will just wait.


And bam, So what we look for now is an entry. Entering after the Arrowed candle is ideal with a tp at the next zone (which would be about 12 pips).

  • Make Sure Price is at a zone
  • Make sure you wait for candles to close
  • Make sure the close below/above your zones




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  1. Thank you so much I really mean it you are amazing
    Also I’m 16 learning to trade and I’ve been watching your zone to zone trading and I got it down
    Demo account I turned 3,000 into 4,000 in just one week

    1. You are so welcome! Keep it up, go live when you can (legally and financially) and start killing it!

  2. v great but i have a question if i want to take entry in m15 then its must i draw zones in D1 timeframe??

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