Trading FTBs

An FTB or a "First Time Back", is when the markets move BACK to an FTR that was previously formed. This is a manipulation play that is created by market makers to trap traders on the wrong side of a trade and then continue price back in the direction of the overall trend after stopping them out.

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My FTR Indicator Settings

With the recent release of my new indicator, I have gotten a lot of questions regarding my personal settings that I use on the FTR indicator. With all of those questions, I have decided to make this quick little blog post discussing all of my settings from top to bottom and why I have those selected!

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Picking Pairs to Trade

One of the most common questions i get asked is "Noah, how do you figure out what the best pairs to trade are each day?" The most simple answer i have is, i do not ever know exactly which pairs are going to be the best pairs to trade for that day, i do not know what pairs will move the most, but i do have simple rules that i use to find pairs that have good potential to move in a clean manner. 

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An FTR or Failed To Return, is a candle pattern in trading. What this pattern shows is that as price is in an up/down trend, price will push back and collect orders (causing  a candle close of the opposite direction) before continuing the current trend.

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