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FTR Multi-Time-frame Panel Settings

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Today I launched the latest update to the FTR Indicator that will help users be able to get alerts from multiple timeframes on one chart! This will help to improve computer speed and better your trading all around. If you haven’t checked out the FTR Indicator, now is the time! Check it out here. Also, I have linked the Youtube video explaining how to use/install the new indicator below.

My Settings

My personal settings on the FTR MTF Panel are as shown below. I like to have my notifications set to desktop popups & mobile push notifications (set up notifications by following instructions in FTR Indicator PDF). My ideal time frames are the 30 minute, 1 hour, & 4 hours. I like to have my panel in the top right to keep it out of the way of candles, I like to have grey font to match MT4, back text, and small font/cell sizes to limit the area the panel takes up!

YouTube Video

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  1. Sysco

    Do you have FTR indicator for MT5 which I can use to trade volatility indices?

    1. ateentrader

      Unfortunately, MT4 and MT5 are different coding languages, so we have not built one out for that!

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